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Nancy Dulay

San Diego Face Painting, Airbrush Tattoos, and Body Art

Mom. Teacher/Counselor. Owner, Fancy Nancy Faces

About Me

Born and raised on Guam, I worked as an English Teacher and School Counselor in the Guam Public Schools for over a decade. When my daughter, Kenzie, was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum, I left teaching completely and she and I moved to San Diego.

At some point along the way, I picked up some face paints and a brush and Fancy Nancy Faces was born. One of the best parts of this journey has been the amazing friends made along the way. I’m blessed to say that the amazing artists I’ve teamed up with are now also some of my closest friends.

If I’m not doing art-stuff or homeschooling, I’m usually listening to an audiobook or podcast, cooking, or you can find us at Disneyland. Kenzie and her German Shepherd Dog often make an appearance on my social media stories.

MY Work

Professional face painting, body art, and airbrush tattoos for parties and events. Contact me and let us help you create special memories.

→ Face Painting, Airbrush Tattoos, Balloon Twisting, Henna Tattoos



→ What I Do

At Fancy Nancy Faces, I am focused on providing quality face and body painting and party entertainment services with the highest levels of client satisfaction. My goal is to make YOU happy. The greatest compliment (other than a great review) is when you tell me we made you look good by having us at your event.


FACE PAINT REMOVAL: (1) Apply mild soap, face wash, or baby shampoo directly on to the design and create a lather. Do not wet with water first as this will reactivate the paint. (2) Let sit for 30 seconds. Rinse or wipe gently with a dark wash cloth. (Do not scrub) (3) If a faint residue remains, apply moisturizer, baby oil, or mineral oil. Wait 30 minute and wash with soap and warm water again.

AIRBRUSH TATTOO REMOVAL: (1) Use baby oil or rubbing alcohol and gently wipe off. Lotions, Sunscreen, or other products containing oil or alcohol will also remove the tattoos.

AIRBRUSH TATTOO CARE: Tattoos can last 1-7 days depending on skin type and care. Avoid rubbing/friction on the tattoo (especially wet). Lotions, Sunscreen, or other products containing oil or alcohol will also wear down the tattoo.